Top Benefits of Visiting a Local Pain Clinic to Improve Your Health


Most people suffer from different types of aches and pains that can be due to poor habits or injuries that have occurred in the past. Visiting a Memphis pain clinic on a routine basis can ease physical conditions and allow them to improve. Here are a few important reasons to consider visiting a pain clinic regularly.

Find Relief During Pregnancy

Lower back and leg pain are the most common conditions that women suffer from when they’re pregnant, which can improve by visiting a pain clinic in Memphis, TN. Chiropractic care will be provided to reduce pain that the patient is experiencing almost immediately by adjusting the spine. Read more on this article:


Let a Trusted Pain Clinic Address and Resolve Your Chronic Pain Woes


Did you know that as much as 50 million American adults are known to suffer from severe or significant chronic pain? This was the finding from a study conducted by the National Institutes of Health’s National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health (NCCIH) published in The Journal of Pain back in 2015.

This is an astounding finding especially considering the fact that modern medicine already affords a variety of means and ways to address this particular condition. However, it appears that a majority are still not getting the relief that they deserve. If you are one of this statistics, know that you don’t have to be. You can go to a trusted pain clinic so that you can have the treatments that will help you ease the pain, such as the ones below. Read more from this blog:

Alternative Treatment: Chiropractic Care from a Memphis Pain Clinic

Chronic pain is a debilitating condition that makes people desperate for something that can bring relief. Too often, people turn to prescription medications to combat their suffering. Unfortunately, the prescriptions bring serious side effects and addiction issues. There is another way to get the relief you need without anguish from all the negative consequences. Chiropractic care has become the solution for many. Using gentle manipulations of the musculoskeletal system, a chiropractor can help restore proper function of the nervous system.

A Holistic Alternative

Many people search for medical offices that offer treatment for chronic pain. A good number of these clinics focus on masking the pain through the use of medications. Some medical professionals suggest that patients to undergo surgery to combat the pain; however, there is an alternative way to manage or get rid of the pain. Chiropractic clinics offering holistic treatment can provide relief to sufferers by simply putting the body back into proper alignment. Many people are able to opt out of surgery and do away with the medications by utilizing the help of professionals from a pain clinic in Memphis, TN. Read more on this article.

Chronic Pain? Before You Pop that Pill, Visit a Memphis Pain Clinic

Narcotic painkillers are very useful and very effective in short and medium-term situations. Unfortunately, they can be extremely problematic with extended usage. That’s why chronic pain sufferers like soldiers that come home from duty are of particular concern; they are likely to consume narcotic medications over a prolonged period, in which case they can become heavily addicted.

Narcotics are harmful, so why prescribe them?

Everyone knows narcotics are dangerously addictive, so why do doctors continue to prescribe them for chronic pain? There is a three-fold answer to this question: First, because most primary care physicians have easier access to pharmaceuticals than alternative treatment. Second, their skill set is too limited to deal with musculoskeletal complaints. Third, their desire to provide immediate relief to the patient coupled with the constant marketing of pharmaceutical companies creates a formula for ill-advised treatment.

A Guide to Properly Choosing the Right Pain Clinic in Memphis, TN

“Once a possible chiropractor─ preferably from established centers like Chiropractic-Memphis─ has been narrowed down, it will be a good idea to speak to him in order to determine several things. These include his years of experience, accomplishments, possible specializations, and perhaps most importantly, if you’re comfortable with him or not. Rapport will be essential to the success of any treatments you might undergo, and if you do not have that, even a skilled chiropractor recommended by personal friends will mean nothing.

Before settling on the ideal Memphis pain clinic, you should remember to do a background check. Determine if the chiropractor is accredited by reputable bodies such as the Council on Chiropractic Education. If he is, then you know sure that he will literally and figuratively have your back when the time for treatment comes around.”

Preventing Back Injuries by Visiting a Pain Clinic in Memphis, TN

“This calls attention to the importance of proper body care for athletes, which includes visits to a pain clinic in Memphis, TN or other such centers in other cities and states.
The most common injuries young athletes experience are muscle strains and ligament sprains, which are usually caused by improper technique, improper conditioning and stretching, and bodily trauma. When these injuries happen, they must stop their activity and involvement in the sport to allow the body to heal. Once healed, athletes can consult a chiropractor on how to take care of their bodies.”

How a Chiropractic Pain Clinic in Memphis, TN Can Treat Knee Pain

Knee pain is one of the most common problems that many a chiropractic pain clinic in Memphis, TN can treat. Although it can be caused by different factors, it is often associated with spine or joint problems.

Dr. Kevin Wong, D.C., says in an article published on that chiropractors perform “chiropractic adjustments” to treat knee pain:

In most cases of knee pain, the bones have misaligned according to the excessive foot pronation patterns we identified earlier: medial tibia, medial femur and medial/inferior patella. For these three adjustments, the patient should be sitting or supine with a pillow under their knee to prevent full extension or knee locking. The doctor stands to the side of the involved leg with the inferior hand grasping the proximal tibia and the superior hand grasping the distal thigh

Memphis Pain Clinic to Give Vaccination Webinar

Vaccination has been considered a common practice after its introduction to the medical field in the 18th century. However, controversies still surround the procedure, causing much concern for those who aren’t properly informed.

As a response, Chiropractic Memphis is set to hold a webinar on vaccination to provide participants with information regarding the issues about its safety, recent findings on its efficiency, as well as lesser known facts that even many doctors aren’t aware of. The lecture will also provide information on other means that boost the immune system to lessen dependency on medicines. The reputable Memphis pain clinic has enlisted the help of two experts, namely Dr. Renee Lopez and Dr. Ashly Oschner, to facilitate the event.

The webinar will be held on August 6, 2013 at 7PM EST. Interested parties can visit Chiropractic Memphis’ website to register.