Understanding Electrotherapy from Chiropractors and How It Can Aid You

Chiropractors can perform an array of treatments to relieve pain and help the body heal completely. One of these is called electrotherapy. It is a form of pain management that uses electric current to stimulate muscles and nerves. Through the skin, the electric stimulation is sent to block the pain signals delivered by damaged nerves or muscles to the brain. It also provides a therapeutic effect to improve body function and enhance quality of life.

Patients can benefit from electrotherapy in several different ways when performed by trusted Memphis chiropractors who know the process inside and out.

Pain Relief

Muscle strains and sprains cause a lot of pain that can affect your daily life. Electrotherapy, however, can alleviate the pain by penetrating tissue and reducing its tightness. This can be done to deal with back and neck pain, helping prevent more serious problems. Read more from this blog.


Memphis Chiropractor Aid Baby Boomers with Rise in Pain and Injuries

Experienced chiropractors in Memphis, such as the team from Chiropractic Memphis, offer pain relief through a variety of ways. Spinal adjustment treatment is the principal procedure for a majority of chiropractic cases, but other treatment modes are also provided for a range of conditions.