How Treatment At A Memphis Pain Clinic Is Like Being At A Favorite Bar

This doesn’t refer to the group of friends who join a patient, and it doesn’t require tipping. The common insider names given to people in the chiropractic field are “Straights” and “Mixers.” Interesting, but both are affinitive names that highlight a practitioner’s background, philosophy, and approach to chiropractic medicine. Both types of chiropractors are available at a pain clinic in Memphis, TN, and they each can work miracles for total body wellness.


This philosophy of chiropractic medicine focuses on a very specific therapy. It is based almost exclusively on the spine, and palpation that corrects subluxation. Basically, Straights identify problems and pain in the body, then pinpoint areas in the spine where causal abnormalities exist. After the areas of the spine are identified, a series of manipulations by hand or therapeutic devices are used to correct it.


The Surprising Causes of Your Neck Pain, According to a Chiropractor


Whether you’re experiencing acute or chronic pain, getting relief is the first thing you’ll have in mind. Other than finding relief, however, determining the cause of your pain is equally important to give you an idea on how you can avoid neck pain in the near future.

Everyone knows that bad posture is among the leading causes of neck pain. This is because you’re giving your lower neck more work as you have your head pulled forward or down. Other than bad posture, however, did you know that there are other surprising reasons behind your neck pain? A chiropractor enumerates them all.

You’re sleeping the wrong way

Everyone spends a third of their day sleeping, so it’s unsurprising that your sleeping habits will have an effect on your health. If you notice that your neck is painful upon waking up, your sleeping position might be the one to blame.