Why Treatment at a Memphis, TN Pain Clinic is a Must for Many Pilots

Some people can develop an interest in flying and hone their bodies to standards as established by either the military or the civilian aviation industry. Earning the coveted pilot’s wings is already a challenge, but the long periods of scanning the airspace and your aircraft instrumentation tends to take a toll on your neck. This underlines the need for pain treatment at the first chance you get, according to Shahar Kenin’s article for DC Practice Insights.

The aviator community in Tennessee, especially Memphis, may see the wisdom in neck pain treatment. The city is already a strong air transport hub with at least five major airlines touching down regularly at Memphis International, and the Tennessee Air National Guard hosts its 164th Airlift Wing at the nearby Memphis ANG Base. When the strain of flight poses unseen long-term problems on your body, have yourself checked out at a pain clinic such as Chiropractic-Memphis.