A Memphis Pain Clinic can be Your Refuge in Battling Chronic Pain

If you’re one of these constant pain warriors, you might want to find refuge by seeking Memphis pain clinic services. Experienced Board Certified chiropractic doctors in these facilities can comprehensively assess your needs and customize a treatment plan that will directly address the findings. These chiropractors will use their specialist skills and maximize state-of-the-art technology to have a more accurate picture of your condition as well as to provide quality care.

You will receive individualized treatments that involve various chiropractic techniques and tools. An established pain clinic in Memphis, TN such as Chiropractic-Memphis can prescribe therapeutic exercises or posture correction, acupuncture, spinal adjustments or manual therapies (depending on the origin of your pain), and even lifestyle counseling.


A Memphis Chiropractor Can Help Keep Dedicated Athletes in Good Shape

Many of us are guilty of taking our spinal column for granted. However, the moment we injure it, even simple everyday activities like picking up something or walking become agonizing ordeals. If even one of the 24 independent vertebrae in the spine becomes dislocated or misaligned, this would result in subluxation, which can lead to pain and drastically decreased mobility.

Chiropractor’s got your back…and more
Visiting a chiropractor in Memphis will not only help you cope with back issues, but also with headaches, pain in the neck, jaw, wrist, shoulder, knee, hip, and even allergies. Take it from George Papadakos–father of two, loving husband, successful restaurateur, and extreme athlete–who wouldn’t be able to manage all that without someone watching his back.

Visiting a Pain Clinic in Memphis, TN Can Help Address Chronic Pain

Pain clinics in Memphis, TN may vary in specializations, but when you visit one, there will always be a pain specialist who can assess what type of help you need. After a personal evaluation, he/she can recommend appropriate treatment plans, or refer you to other specialists for further examinations.

Prescription Drugs

Medical doctors in a pain clinic, or one you may be referred to by pain specialists in such a facility, can prescribe drugs that will help alleviate your condition. These can include painkillers like aspirin, ibuprofen, and others, but are not limited to drugs taken orally. Some are administered by injecting the medicine straight to your bloodstream. A combined treatment of both is sometimes needed as well to be more effective.

A Memphis Chiropractor Can Help in Treating Back-Related Leg Pains

Memphis is currently the most populated city in the state of Tennessee, and many of the inhabitants are teens to adults not over 34 years of age. With a very active lifestyle, back-related leg pains among this young population aren’t surprising.

Many of those who experience muscle pains may be relying only on home remedies without realizing that more effective solutions are available from a professional Memphis chiropractor. In fact, a report on MySuncoast.com talks about the findings of a recent study, which point to the effectiveness of combining chiropractic with home exercises.

Have Back Pain Treated at Chiropractic Pain Clinic in Memphis, TN

There are many excellent pain clinics in Memphis, TN, several of which are operated by Chiropractic Memphis, an established chiropractic center servicing Tennessee residents for many years now. If you’re looking for a more natural way to heal from chronic back pain, without having to rely on a catalog of medications, let the collective experience and knowledge of a reputable chiropractor provide you with an evaluation and a mode of treatment more to your level of comfort and need.

Memphis Chiropractor Aid Baby Boomers with Rise in Pain and Injuries

Experienced chiropractors in Memphis, such as the team from Chiropractic Memphis, offer pain relief through a variety of ways. Spinal adjustment treatment is the principal procedure for a majority of chiropractic cases, but other treatment modes are also provided for a range of conditions.