Pain Clinic in Memphis, TN Advises Workers to Sit and Stand at Work

Fun Furniture
It’s encouraging to note that many offices have heeded the AMA directive and provided their employees alternatives to the typical office caster chair. Besides the ball chairs and the kneeling stools, the treadmill desk has to be the most inspired, albeit more expensive. In the end, these fun office furniture options would earn the approval of the folks at AMA and the chiropractors of pain clinics in Memphis, TN, such as Chiropractic Memphis.

Work You Can Stand
If you plan to stand at work, or if you’re one of the lucky ones with a treadmill desk, it pays to be prepared. Wear presentable shoes with athletic soles (there are a bunch out there) and bring a mat to stand or walk on. Remember, a healthy worker is a happy and pain-free one.


Visits to a Memphis Chiropractor and Other Natural Back Pain Remedies

Whatever Makes You Stronger
Going to the gym and exercising regularly would increase your overall strength, and could prevent your back pain from recurring. This strategy would help you shed some pounds if your back pain is weight-related.

Regardless of which remedy you apply, do so with the consent or assistance of renowned Memphis chiropractors. You’ll be back in business before you know it.