Memphis, TN Pain Clinic: Offers Relief Beyond What Knuckle Cracking Offers

All the same, you may want to visit a pain clinic in Memphis, TN—like Chiropractic-Memphis, for instance—in the event that you do develop arthritis symptoms and consequently experience a great deal of pain. Otherwise, you can rest easy knowing that this habit is not necessarily linked to an increased risk of arthritis.

While there have been cases of unusual pain following knuckle cracking, experts say the cases are few and far in between. In any case, be sure to exercise moderation when it comes to your knuckle cracking habit and to visit a reputable Memphis pain clinic in case you experience an unusual amount of pain elsewhere, be it in the neck, back, wrist, shoulder, or jaw.


Memphis Chiropractor Education Can Alleviate Fear of Pain and Symptoms

According to Lorimer Moseley, physiotherapist at the University of South Australia, Adelaide, fear avoidance can have serious implications. Among other things, it can prevent people from partaking in various meaningful activities, which can result in depression. As the pain from fear avoidance sets in, the model comes full circle and repeats itself.

It’s not as if pain will go away just by assuring the patient that “it won’t hurt a bit.” In any case, a seasoned Memphis chiropractor can play a crucial role in easing a patient’s agliophobia. In this regard, a study published in the American Journal of Lifestyle Medicine recommends educating patients on the treatment.

Perhaps the adage “[pain] is all in the mind” has some truth to it. By educating patients on what to expect during and after treatment, a chiropractor in Memphis can prevent them from turning away from their much-needed treatment. There’s no need for low back pain to get worse due to fear of the pain getting worse.