How to be Fashionable without Pain, Says a Pain Clinic in Memphis, TN

“Make sure your shoes fit right, and does not just look good. Blisters and callouses are not the only footwear-related injuries you can sustain. Broken or twisted ankles, not to mention swollen legs, are all on the list too.

Even though men and women may feel conscious how they look, both must heed how their bodies feel to keep pain from occurring. Should pain be eventually felt, then it is advisable to check in with pain clinics in Memphis, TN such as those of Chiropractic Memphis for help.”


How a Woman’s Handbag May Prompt Help from a Memphis Chiropractor

“A woman in Memphis may consider her stylish handbag her trusty companion – it carries her stuff without complaint, after all: purse, smartphone, makeup, everything she needs on the go. If she is not careful, however, her trusty companion may prompt a trip to a Memphis chiropractor.

The reason is that frequent carrying of handbags may trigger muscle pains and stresses. The more stuff a woman puts inside her handbag, after all, the more weight it bears. Eventually, that weight can strain her shoulders and her (lower) back. It can also cause elbow or neck pain, or sometimes, in severe cases, even serious injuries.”