Dine with a Certified Memphis Chiropractor and Get Educated on the 5 Health Essentials

Health is a huge part of being able to go through daily life, which is why it is important to be informed about various health issues, how to prevent them, and what treatments are effective. And what better way to do that than learning from an expert?

Chiropractic Memphis is providing a solution to all health-conscious individuals, not just by delivering quality chiropractic care, but also by providing information that can help in the improvement of one’s overall health. Through a community dinner, clients and friends alike can join a certified Memphis chiropractor to discuss various health-related issues, all while enjoying healthy Mediterranean cuisine.

Interested parties who want to learn about Chiropractic Memphis’ 5 health essentials and join the discussion can visit the clinic’s website for more information.


Memphis Pain Clinic to Give Vaccination Webinar

Vaccination has been considered a common practice after its introduction to the medical field in the 18th century. However, controversies still surround the procedure, causing much concern for those who aren’t properly informed.

As a response, Chiropractic Memphis is set to hold a webinar on vaccination to provide participants with information regarding the issues about its safety, recent findings on its efficiency, as well as lesser known facts that even many doctors aren’t aware of. The lecture will also provide information on other means that boost the immune system to lessen dependency on medicines. The reputable Memphis pain clinic has enlisted the help of two experts, namely Dr. Renee Lopez and Dr. Ashly Oschner, to facilitate the event.

The webinar will be held on August 6, 2013 at 7PM EST. Interested parties can visit Chiropractic Memphis’ website to register.