Chiropractor Has Improved the Lives of Countless People Despite Criticisms

Chiropractic has regained the interest of public, particularly among the studio executives and Hollywood A-listers. Some of them have booked appointments with their chiropractors allowing them to have the treatment at home, or even on the set while filming. Although, the popularity of chiropractic is not limited to the famous people, ordinary locals seek this treatment too.

Chiropractic uses natural method making it a preferred alternative treatment for other types of physical therapy. This includes physical rehabilitation, massage therapy, and more which relieves body pains.

Aside from celebrities, chiropractic is recommended to office workers who usually remain seated for long hours everyday. A licensed Memphis chiropractor can provide them the specific treatment their body condition needs.

Chiropractic has received some criticisms inevitably, but it has aided others to start a healthier lifestyle. However, it’s still best to consult a physician before you take a chiropra


A Pain Clinic in Memphis, TN Discussed Sunscreens Painful Effect

Do you know that a regular use of sunscreen may be sufficient to protect you from skin disease caused by sun’s UV rays, but could have a harmful side effect on your health? The research made by Environmental Working Group (EWG) shows that some sunscreens products contain elements that are absorbed by our blood, thus, resulting to toxic side effects.
Chiropractic Memphis, a pain clinic in Memphis, TN agreed with this result, and so educated their patients regarding the right use and choice of sunscreens products that doesn’t have a health-compromising ingredients such as zinc and titanium.

Upholding their belief that being “well adjusted” is the key to optimal health, they persuade their patients to opt for mineral-based sunscreen as they are non-allergenic and safe to use, even for children, and also suggest them to wear protective clothing when going out at midday.

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