Memphis chiropractors are shocked as steroid treatments fail to live up to expectations.

In a classic battle between immediate relief vs complete recovery, a recent study on spinal stenosis encountered by many Memphis chiropractors has revealed that steroid treatments aren’t as effective long term.

Stenosis is an abnormal narrowing of the spinal canal which causes pain, numbness, or discomfort in the affected area. In a study conducted among 276 patients, those who were treated with steroids enjoyed pain-relief for over four years, beyond that however, the findings showed unfavorable results.

In HealthDay reporter Amy Norton’s article, she revealed that those who opted for surgery or alternative treatments immediately, fared better than those who stuck with the steroid treatments.

Usually, decompressive laminectomy is performed to treat spinal stenosis, however, its progressive nature prevents any lasting cure. There are also lesser known non-invasive treatments, but if the goal is simply to relieve symptoms and delay surgery, then injections are a good alternat


A new practice by chiropractors in Memphis shows promise.

Recorded cases of subluxation-based chiropractic care helping children cope with autism spectrum disorders (ASD), have brought hope to the estimated 7500 citizens of Tennessee afflicted with autism. The procedure works by readjusting the spine to return to normal the flow of nerve signals going to and fro the brain. This, according to Erik L. Zielenski, a practicing chiropractor, is a safe and drug-free option that is a direct result of the 20 years of studying the reversing cerebral penumbra.

While earlier perceived to be limited in use, and with the fear of injury looming over the procedure, there remains no reason for concern. Chiropractors in Memphis, such as those from Chiropractic Memphis, are required to undergo a formal chiropractic course complying with the published guidelines of the World Health Organization and 2200 hours of supervised clinical training. While there remains a risk of a serious adverse reaction, the odds do not indicate any high risk.